My name is Kristina and I’m a Doula but firstly I’m a wife to a special man & mother of 2 girls (born 2017 & 2019). My own births and motherhood journey has brought me to where I’m now: and I’m there for you. As a birth doula, childbirth preparation helper, WATSU (water therapy) & sound therapy practitioner.


I’ve been feeling like changing my corporate career path drastically just after giving birth to our first daughter Sara. The seed has been planted during my very first WATSU session, actually. There were no more doubts when our second daughter Bona was born – her birth was truly a transforming and empowering event. After that I feel a big urge to share this and empower other women to feel trusted, strong and supported in their birth journey.

Following my heart’s lead was such a right decision: I have never felt so grounded, happy and inspired at the same time. It’s such a reward: being a trusted guide and ally during this special time in people’s lives. As evidence & intuition driven partner I’m helping to create your even safer birth OASE. And I really know how important that can be, either at home, or especially if you are not in a familiar place (hospital) or even, to begin with, abroad and far away from your beloved ones. I’m an expat for a 3rd time – you wouldn’t guess how much I understand the importance of support.

I offer extensive pregnancy and birth preparation consultations, full length birth support and postpartum care. This includes prenatal visits (online or in person), emotional and informational support, BRM (Body ready method) PRO assessment and workouts (if desired; read more here), in-person presence during birth (no matter which road you choose and where it takes you) and later the postnatal visits.

I also offer WATSU sessions: a way of water therapy which promotes deep relaxation & enhances the parasympathetic nervous systems. One of the unique things is that WATSU gives an opportunity to feel like a baby in a womb yourself while you are actually also carrying a tiny little baby in your belly! What a special dance of holding and being held it is…
People who try it for the 1st time usually share that “it’s an incomparable experience, neither heavenly nor earthy, very special”. Read more about WATSU here.

Another deeply relaxing and harmonizing sessions that I invite you to try are individual singing bowls sound sessions (suitable for everyone!). This is time for yourself, to explore, to connect & dive to your inner depths: to those that you are ready for today. During the singing bowls massage, therapeutic bowls are placed on your body and you are gently surrounded in a delicate cocoon of sound. Research has shown that sound can have a profound effect on the body and mind. When we listen to music or other sounds, our brainwaves can synchronize with the rhythm of the sound. When a singing bowl is struck, it produces a deep, resonant sound that can be felt throughout the body & help promote relaxation & reduce stress.

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to talk to you!

From the mother who cares about your parenthood journey,


Things that I personally love and recommend

1. BODY READY METHOD (BRM): rock your pregnancy, birth and recovery with all-in-one online workout program 

Are you interested in skipping common pregnancy aches and pains, while also preparing for an easier birth? Have a look into this!

I’ve spent endless hours studying in the Body Ready Method training so this recommendation goes deep from my heart and also deep from the knowledge – it’s a real deal, evidence based, researched and tailored program, which I personally trust and still use even more than 3 years into postpartum.

3 program options & the ability to toggle between three difficulty levels, preparing for all-things pregnancy. You’ll get:

  • The best of Pelvic Floor and Core training
  • Optimal baby positioning
  • Solutions for many pre + postnatal aches and pains
  • Core preparation to help protect from diastasis recti
  • Alignment guides
  • Skills to help you build key muscles for birth and recovery (and learn how to smoothly transition into postpartum life).

Check it out here:

Body ready method online workout program

P.S. I have an extra 10$ discount for my community. Feel free to reach out for the code! 

2. Birth time: the documentary

A bunch of curious women created a documentary which started because of their experiences. The creators of the documentary set on a mission to find out why an increasing number of people are emerging from their births physically and emotionally traumatized.

This resonated with me well because I’m on a similar mission to reach out & support women so that they have an empowering and joyful birth journey.

What questions shall be given so that women receive the best possible service during birth? How mothers are affected when the services are oriented not towards their but protocol needs? What is safety during labor and how to make the women feel safe & honored?

Watch the documentary with 20% off: follow the link below and get the discount at the checkout with code CICADA20

Birth time: the documentary

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