Setting intentions for 2024: sound healing meditation, reserve your spot HERE → Setting intentions for 2024: sound healing meditation, reserve your spot HERE → Setting intentions for 2024: sound healing meditation, reserve your spot HERE

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Singing bowls – otherwise known as Himalayan or Tibetan bowls – are like small gongs. They originated in Asia three millennia ago & were made from an alloy of several metals. Singing Bowls have been liturgical vessels since the beginning and are still used for that purpose. Since 1953, in connection with the migration of Tibetans to India and Nepal, bowls could be found in the holy places of these countries, too. Only later, around the hippie era & en masse migration, singing bowls became more popular and known in the western world as means for meditation, healing, and spiritual practices. When struck or played with a mallet, such bowls produce a rich, deep sound. The vibrations from the singing bowls penetrate deeply into the body, creating a sense of relaxation and harmony.


A study in 2014 investigated the effects of singing bowl sound meditation on mood, anxiety, and pain. The study found that participants who received the sound meditation reported significant reductions in tension, anger, fatigue, and depression, as well as significant improvements in overall mood and quality of life.

Sound healing is truly an effective way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. On top of the things mentioned above, it has been shown to also help with a variety of physical and emotional issues, such as anxiety, chronic pain (migraines), and sleep disorders. When a singing bowl is struck it creates deep, resonant, harmonious vibrations that restore & balance your body, mind, and spirit. What is stuck can be loosened by vibration and is released during or after the session. 

According to Eastern medicine, which names the cause of diseases as blockages in the flow of energy in the body, it is enough to unblock the channels through which the energy flows, and a person feels healthier and happier. And it is sound massage that helps to do this.



Imagine: you are laying cozy, comfortably and warm in a safe space with your eyes closed. During the singing bowls sound session, therapeutic bowls are placed on your body & around, and you are gently surrounded in a delicate cocoon of sound: deeply relaxing and healing. Your brain enters the state between sleeping and being awake. Your system automatically finds a better balance. Vibration spreads throughout the body and leads to deep relaxation, increases our self-healing abilities, dissolves blocks, strengthens the body’s immunity.

This is time for yourself: to explore, to connect & dive to your inner depths: to those that you are ready for today. It’s a place to remember: YOU are the source of everything

  • The session lasts for about 1 hour
  • You will also hear other instruments being played
  • The investment is 55 Eur


Nowadays, when the pace of life is increasing and the stress level has become critical, singing bowls sound session is a wonderful, natural method of relaxation and healing. The subtle vibrations of the Himalayan bowls promote the release of energy blocks, thanks to which we can restore our inner harmony, mobilize regenerative properties and enter a state of deep meditation.

People who experienced the singing bowls sound sessions describe their sensations as follows:
– Time stops;
– A feeling of absolute peace;
– Pain subsides, well-being improves;
– Deep harmony.

The sound of the bowls & other instruments during the session creates a Sacred Space around us and in us, allowing us to stop the world and dissolve. External and internal factors become silent & opportunity to deeply relax, regenerate opens up. It encourages us to smoother interact with the challenges we encounter and to use the chances that Life gives us more wisely.

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