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Experience a complete pregnancy and birth journey with our extensive consultations for preparation, full-length birth support, postpartum care, as well as the benefits of watsu and signing bowls to enhance your experience.



It was very nice meeting today, for several reasons. It’s also been really nice to share my story with you in particular as you seemed to listen in a different way than someone who is “just listening”. It felt it was like you were looking at the entire process of birth from a perspective of someone who always wants to empower and strenghten the mother who is giving birth.


I am very grateful to the Universe that brought me to Kristina. She is a very special woman who radiates extraordinary peace, warmth and confidence. Just being with her is so good, safe and infinitely calm feeling. Her Watsu sessions will take you on a journey of the soul without the concepts of time and place.


I felt very safe in her hands and she guided me into a profound relaxation, moving me through the water. It’s really therapeutic, especially if it is hard for you to let go.
Of tension, of control..
This experience has so many layers. It was not just a massage.. it was a dance, it was connection, intimate and sweet. Just to be held, as a mom holding her family, it is such a gift just to be held.
Also during pregnancy i would recommend you to try this, as the water element is one you want to connect with during this special time. And of course relaxation is what you and your baby need


Kristina was instrumental in our communication with the hospital staff. She was also incredibly valuable during labour as she recommended different labouring positions and actions. Most importantly, when I was doubting myself and whether I could do it, Kristina was the only one who was still encouraging me and believing in me strongly. She was empowering me with kind and thoughtful words, and the tone of her voice was very calm allowing me to face the pain with courage, and enabling my breathing and natural roaring to happen as it was necessary. What a ride I had with her! I will always remember It very fondly.